Skin soother facial

Skin soother facial on the cote d’azur

If you have sensitive skin, the Skin Soother Facial is designed to offer you an intensely nurturing facial.

Beauticians from our Facial care team use Natural products to soothe and condition your sensitive skin.

Organic Bulgarian Rose is used to instantly relieve the stress from your fragile complexion and will leave your skin feeling resilient and soothed.

Book an appointment with a AWA Wellness Artist today and a professional will visit you anywhere on the French Riviera for a nurturing Skin Soother Facial.

Whether you live here permanently or are just visiting for a while, your appointment can be organized at a time that best suits your program.

A beautician will visit you at your home, hotel, or yacht whether you lie in Antibes, Nice, Cannes, Monaco, or St.Tropez.

How to tell if you have sensitive skin?

You will probably know that you have a sensitive skin ii you have any of the following symptoms:

Reacts to various elements – If you notice that your skin gets itchy, dry, or red when it encounters skincare products,
soaps, perfumes, the cold, the sun, and the wind, then you probably have sensitive skin.

Redness – You will notice that your skin tends to have a red rash, a flushed look, or some red dilated blood cells,
especially when it has been exposed to an irritant.

Dryness – Sensitive skin tends to be very dry and is sometimes also prone to acne.

Sensitivity to the sun – Your skin will probably burn easily in the sun and you must always wear a broad-spectrum
sunscreen of at least SPF 30 or higher. Those containing zinc oxide or titanium oxide are better for your skin.

How to treat your sensitive skin

If you have sensitive skin, always treat it gently by following these tips:

– Don’t use hot water on your face, stick to tepid water.
– Pat your face with a washcloth, but leave it slightly damp. This allows your hydration products to penetrate the skin better.
– Don’t use foamy cleansers, but prefer those that are milky or cream-based.
– Make sure that if you exfoliate to used exfoliants created for sensitive skin or chemical exfoliants rather than manual exfoliants.
– Skincare for those with sensitive skin needs to be kept simple and they should use fewer products.

Protect your sensitive skin with our skin soother facial azur wellness artist

Having fun on the cote D’Azur includes days and nights spent going out and about. 

If you have sensitive skin you will want to protect it from drying out.

A regular Skin Soother Facial is the best way to ensure that your skin will benefit from its nurturing effects and lasting protection.

Together with your sunblock, you will be offering your face soothing protection from the sun,wind, and water if you plan to go sailing, swimming, tanning, and partying.

Book here today and  beautician will come to you wherever you stay on the French Riviera.

Appointments can be organized any time between 10 am and 10 pm and your AWA Wellness Artist beautician can come to you any day of the week, including Sundays.

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