Acrylic extensions with classic nail polish

Acrylic extensions with classic nail polish on the French riviera

If you want long nails that are glossy and strong then you need to look no further on the French Riviera. AWA Wellness Artists has an acrylic nail extension treatment that is applied to the end of your natural nail and then followed with classic nail polish in your favorite color.

Book an appointment today for your acrylic extensions followed by a classic nail polish and AWA Wellness Artists manicurist will come to you wherever you are for your convenience. 

What are acrylic nail extensions?

If you have always been struggling to get your nails to grow but need them to look at their best, then nail extensions are the best permanent solution. Acrylic nail extensions are formed with a monomer liquid mixed with a polymer powder.
The paste resembles a glue and is used to form a natural nail tip using your natural nail as a base.
As the paste dries it hardens and can last for 3 to 4 weeks before needing to be filled in at the bottom where the nil grows.

A short history of nail extensions and nail polishes

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The benefits of acrylic extensions

– You cannot remove them yourself otherwise you will damage your natural nail.
– You cannot apply them yourself otherwise they will look fake.
– Even though this is rare, some people are allergic to the chemicals used in the polymer powder or monomer liquid.
– Side-effects are rare, but the acrylic does have a strong smell until it sets.

What you need to be careful of with acrylic extensions

– Have them professionally removed otherwise you may damage your nails
– They can look fake if not applied by a professional nail technician
– You need to be sure that you are not allergic to the chemicals used because and the chemicals have a strong smell when applied
– They need to be maintained at least once a month

Book an appointment on the cote d’azur today

If you are visiting the area or live here year-round there is no excuse to have unkempt nails.
Acrylic extensions will allow you to work or play as hard as ever, but your nails will always look beautifully manicured.

Make an appointment here today for acrylic extensions and classic polish. A manicurist will visit you at your home, hotel or yacht wherever you stay in the area, including Antibes, Monaco, Cannes, Nice and St Tropez.

AWA Wellness Artists manicurists work seven days a week and appointments can be made between 10 am and 10 pm for your convenience.

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Acrylic extensions with classic nail polish