Acrylic extensions with gel polish

Acrylic extensions with gel polish on the Cote d’Azur

If you are struggling to maintain your nails at a reasonable length then now is the time to consider getting acrylic extensions.
With acrylic extensions, your hands will always look beautifully groomed with shiny, long nails.

If you are lucky enough to be living anywhere on the French Riviera or are visiting then it is easy to have beautiful hands and nails without much effort.
A manicurist from Kama Wellness will come to Antibes, Cannes, St. Tropez, Monaco and Nice, or anywhere in-between.

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What are the different types of nail extensions?

Nail extensions are used to extend the length of the nail, but will also make your nails much stronger.
Nail extensions are different from tips because they are not just a tip glued to the end of the nails, but built onto all the nail.
This makes them very strong.

Two types of nail extensions are popular and these are acrylic extensions and hard gel extensions.

Pros of acrylic extensions

– If you have trouble keeping your teeth away from your nails and constantly bite them, acrylic extensions will finally allow you to have nice long nails again.
– If you are rough on your nails or they are brittle and weak they will be stronger.
– Your manicurist is more likely to be experienced at applying them and removing them because they have been around for a while.
– Acrylic extensions last the longest of all extensions and when applied by an expert technician they look very natural.

Cons of acrylic extensions

– You cannot remove them yourself otherwise you will damage your natural nail.
– You cannot apply them yourself otherwise they will look fake.
– Even though this is rare, some people are allergic to the chemicals used in the polymer powder or monomer liquid.
– Side-effects are rare, but the acrylic does have a strong smell until it sets.

Maintaining your acrylic extensions and gel polish

Once the paste of the acrylic extensions hardens, your nails will look gorgeous for at least 4 weeks.
Your manicurist will paint over them with the gel polish. You can replace the gel polish in about two weeks, but it also tends to last longer on acrylic.
Once the nails start growing out, acrylic extensions don’t need to be removed, but can just be refilled at the base.

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Acrylic extensions with gel polish