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Hard gel extensions with classical polish and nail art on the french riviera

If you love Nail Art and want to have it done on Hard gel Extensions for harder nails that won’t break, then call AWA Wellness Artists Wellness today.

Make your appointment now and a manicurist will come to your space whatever day and time suits you, wherever you are staying on the French Riviera.

Why have gel extensions?

If you are deciding on what types of nail extensions to have, then there are two options.
The one is to build them up with acrylic, and the other with hard gel.

Gels are much safer to use and are also hypoallergic. This is because they are made from oligomers, unlike acrylic, which is made of polymers. Oligomers are formed through a reaction with other resins and the resin they form is much larger, and cannot enter the bloodstream.

Even though the hard gel is not as hard as acrylic, it is more flexible. It can withstand great pressure and causes less trauma to the nail when it cracks.
The hard gel feels more natural on the nail and has no odor or strong fumes when applied. Pregnant women can safely use it on their nail.
Its super shiny finish lasts long and the gel does not yellow like acrylic.

Choose your nail art

Nail art has gained in popularity over the past few decades, and the
nail art techniques affixed painting, drawing, sponging and taping.

Sponging is ideal for classifying colours on a base colour of the nail and is also used for achromatic drawings.

Taping creates interesting geometric shapes and is usually done over a base colour.
When the second colour dries, the tapes are removed and a top coat is applied to seal the colours.

Stickers and decals look great on all colored nails and can be used on one nail or all of them.

Brush painting is one of the most popular techniques for creating beautiful patterns and
require a main farm and a variety of brushes.

Stencils are also used on one colour of paint to create beautiful effects with a second colour.

Accessories that can be added to nails as art include jewelry, glitter and tattoos.

Splash nails and nail art techniques in water marble are also very popular. In water marble nail art, the nail polish falls off.
on the surface of the water. A pattern can be created with different colors and then placed on the nail by dipping it into the water.

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If you live on or are visiting the Cote D’Azur then know that a AWA Wellness Artists Wellness manicurist will come to you in Antibes, Cannes, Nice, Monaco and St. Tropez anytime that suits you. Whether you live at home, in a hotel, or a yacht you can have your hard gel extensions, classic polish, and nail art done any day of the week and anytime that suits you.

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