OPI Classic pedicure

OPI Classic pedicure on the french riviera

Smoother, softer, and silkier feet are not something difficult to achieve. A regular pedicure will ensure that your feet will also feel refreshed and rejuvenated, ready to face whatever pace you are ready to put them through.

If you want all the benefits of an OPI classic pedicure on the French Riviera then all you must do is call AWA Wellness Artists for an appointment today. A professionally trained manicurist will come to your home or hotel anywhere on the Cote D’Azur at a time convenient to you.  

Principal advantages of a classic OPI pedicure

A pedicure isn’t just about cutting and painting your nails, it’s a treatment that men and women love.
It involves a few rituals that ensure your de feet are silky smooth.
Each pedicure begins with a foot cleansing bath to soften any rough areas, nails and cuticules, preparing them for the rest of the pedicure.

Once your nails have been trimmed and cuticules removed, a gentle exfoliation and foot scrub follow to remove all rough spots on the soles and toes. 
This is followed by a gentle and nourishing massage before your favourite OPI colour is painted on your toes.

Pedicures are not just for the summer months and are most beneficial when done regularly troughout the year.

Your principal advantages are:

– All unsightly dry skin on heels, soles and toes is removed by exfoliation and treated with a moisturizing massage, leaving your feet soft and silky.

– All potential nail problems are detected early and a good nail trim prevents ingrown toenails.

– Massaging your legs with the nourishing lotion will improve your blood circulation and remove toxins from your body.

– You will feel instantly relaxed after the soaking, exfoliation and massage as all stress is released from your body.

– All cuticles will be pushed back and dry pieces will be cut off.
This is such an important part of every pedicure because neglected cuticles are unsightly.

– Your smooth feet, freshly painted nails and relaxed feeling will leave you looking beautiful.

OPI’s professional nail products guarantee a perfect finish for your pedicure.
Their trendy nail colours are safe and innovative, giving your nails a long-lasting finish.

Whether you like pastels, bright reds, shades of red, white or blue, you can be sure that your nails will look their best, roses and oranges, or something completely modern and extravagant, then OPI has the right colour for you.

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