OPI gel manicure

OPI gel manicure on the cote d’azur

If you want a long-lasting manicure today, then you need an OPI Gel manicure. Whether you desire a plain gel color, a French manicure or are in the mood for something more luxurious with layers of color and crystals, then gel polish is the best solution.

Gel manicures are ideal for very busy women who don’t have time to do nails on their own every few days or to go for a weekly manicure.
Brides and their entourages love gel manicures and the fact that over the busy period just before their wedding and after, their nails can continue to look neat and the color remains intact.

Phone AWA Wellness Artists today and find out how to make an appointment for an OPI Gel Manicure at your home, hotel, or yacht anywhere on the French Riviera. 

why have an OPI gel manicure?

If you are having problems with nails color that chips after a few days of applying or nails that are constantly breaking, then an OPI gel manicure will offer you long-lasting color and stronger nails.

Gel-based nail polishes do not take long to dry like normal polish. They are set by a UV or LED light. This not only dries the polish instantly but also makes it more durable allowing it to last for well over two weeks.

Gel manicures are ideal all year round and you will never be caught off-guard again with tatty looking nail polish at any event, even if you have a busy schedule. This is because the nails carry on looking good, even as your nails grow out.
The most harmful part of a gel manicure is its removal and that’s why it’s best to have this done by a professional manicurist.

Your manicurist will soak your nails in nail polish remover and then gently remove the old gel polish.
You should never be tempted to peel off the nail polish by yourself. Even though a gel manicure costs a little more than a normal manicure, you will have well-groomed nails for much longer. Gel nail varnish won’t come off no matter how many hours you spend frolicking in the sea, or how many meals you prepare.

OPI gel colors are ideal for a gel manicure and they are the world leaders in professional colors and nail care products.
They are super-rich, with an exceptional formula and come in the most luxurious color choices. These high performing nail gels have the glossiest finishes in nudes, pastels, metallics, shimmery colors, and in any color you may desire.

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A manicurist from AWA Wellness Artists can come to your accommodation on any part of the French Riviera for an OPI gel manicure.
If you forgot to make an appointment, no problem, just call and something will be arranged. They service all areas in and around Nice, Monaco, Cannes, Antibes, and St. Tropez.

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