Californian massage

Californian massage

Incorporating all the senses, the masseuse delivers a sensually soothing massage that delivers benefits to the overworked and stressed mind and body.

Where did the Californian originate from?

As the name indicates, this massage technique was first practiced in California. More specifically, it was developed at the Esalen Institute, in Big Sur, during the 1970s.
The massage was created to emulate the caresses offered by a mother to her child.
At the time, it was used in combination with psychotherapy.

What does a californian massage entail?

A Californian is a full-body message and a professional therapist ensures that the recipient feels comfortable at every stage by covering the areas not being massaged with a towel.
However, if the recipient feels more comfortable with something on, loose fitting bathing suits or underwear can be worn.

Both the front and back of the body are massaged with light strokes initially.
As the recipient relaxes and the breathing slows, aromatic oils are applied with full body strokes.
Areas that are tight and knotted are paid particular attention.

What are the benefits of a Californian massage?

Californian massages are very relaxing and have a mellowing effect on their recipients who feel completely relaxed and stress free afterwards. The result of the lowered stress is reduced blood pressure and improved circulation, both are essential for better health and to fight off stress-induced illnesses.

How to prepare for a californian massage

A warm shower helps to relax the muscles in preparedness.
The shower also cleanses the skin from any creams and fragrances that may interfere with the massage oils.

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