Deep tissue massage

Deep tissue massage on the french riviera (60 min)

Great for improving circulation, flexibility, and relieving tension, our soothing Deep Tissue Massage will leave you mind and body blissfully relaxed.

A Deep Tissue Massage involves the application of sustained pressure with slow deep strokes. It target the inner layers of the muscles and connective tissue (fascia) and is particulary beneficial for strains and sport injuries.

This is the ideal massage if you need relief from any type of chronic pain, including lower back pain, repetitive strain injuries, and any muscle tension.
If you want to enjoy the pampering offered by a Deep Tissue Massage on the French Riviera, contact us here and one of our delicated team members at AWA WellnessArtists come to your ho;e, villa, or yacht at a ti;e convenient for you.

What to expect from a awa wellness deep tissue massage?

Depending on what you need, our professional masseurs can offer an entire body massage or they can concentrate on the problem areas.
As you indulge the massage, you will either be lying on your back or stomach and only the areas to be massaged need be exposed.

Our well-trained masseur will initially warm up your muscles with a lighter touch, and then this will develop into a deep kneading and stroking motions. These are applied with varying amounts of pressure to relieve aches and pains, rejuvenating tired and stiff muscles.

What are the benefits of a deep tissue massage from a professional masseur?

Deep tissue massage offers benefits to your body and mind. Even though this style of massage is designed to treat muscle pain and stiffness, it also helps relax the mind. Each stroke and kneading motion are designed to help to break up scar tissue and reduce tension in both the muscles and tissues.

Increased blood flow throughout the areas affected help promote faster healing, reduce inflammations, and relax the body.

Try a regular massage program with our highly trained professionals this works best for any problem area and offers lasting relief.

What are the side-effects you can expect after a deep tissue massage?

One of the most usual side-effects you can expect is soreness for a few days because of the firm pressure required in the massage technique used.

Even though this is a safe massage method people with a history of blood clotting, those on blood thinners and people undergoing cancer treatments need to consult their doctor before having a deep tissue massage.

People who are pregnant, have osteoporosis or skin wounds should also avoid having one. 

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