Massage for 2

Massage for 2 on the Côte ‘Azur

There is no need to wait for a special occasion to enjoy a massage together with your other half.
If you and your partner want to enjoy the benefit of a reviving and relaxing massage together, then two professional massage therapists from AWA Wellness Artists will come to you anywhere on the French Riviera.
Contact us here to arrange a massage for 2 therapy treatment at you home or hotel today.

What type of massage treatments to expect?

You don’t both need to get the same type of massage treatment and can each request a different one if you have different needs.
Our massage therapists will coordinate the massages so that they start and finish at the same time while you and your partner lie on separate beds in the same room.

What benefits can you expect from awa massage for 2 ?

Couple’s massages are not only meant to be between couples and can be shared with a close friend, a sister or any other beloved person. During this intimate and relaxing time together, people find the opportunity to bond as they share physical and mental relaxation, and the rejuvenation of their shared experience.

During a massage, your body releases oxytocin, also known as the love hormone. This is what leads to a feeling of increased bonding with the person you are sharing the massage for 2.

When is the perfect time for a massage for 2?

Valentine’s day, wedding anniversaries and birthday celebrations are when most partners choose to gift a massage, and the best place to enjoy one together is in the comfort and privacy of your yacht, hotel, or in your home.

A massage for 2 makes an ideal healthy alternative to going out for a meal on a special occasion. Also, if you are on holiday in the French Riviera, why not take this opportunity to get some extra relaxation and total stress relief together.

Of course, there is no need for a special occasion and at AWA Wellness you do not need an advanced booking.
You can just phone us, let us know what type of massage you each require, and we will send two masseurs directly over at your convenience whether you are in Cannes, Monaco, Nice or St. Tropez.

Set the mood for a massage for 2

Create the perfect space for a totally relaxing massage for 2. If it is for a special occasion order snacks and champagne.
Make sure the area is softly lit and the room should have a comfortable temperature because you will be lightly covered and you should feel relaxed and at ease throughout. You should both give yourselves time to relax before and after the massage treatment.
You and your chosen partner will be covered discreetly throughout.

If you have your own music preferences you are welcome to play your own music, and feel free to use any aromatic candles.

Book a awa wellness artists massage for 2 now

AWA Wellness Artisits was created to offer you treatments that luxuriously pamper you at your convenience.

Book a professional therapist here and we will send the best for the massage therapy needed by you and your partner. We come to your space anytime between 10 am and 10 pm daily, including weekends.

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