Prenatal massage

Pregnancy massage for mums to be on the cote d’azur

Pregnancy is usually accompanied by much joy and anticipation, but the changes in your body, together with the extra weight can change your posture and cause you some discomfort.

Take the time in the months before your baby’s arrival to relax and enjoy the benefits of the pampering offered during a pregnancy massage from our AWA Wellness Artist. Any aches and pains will be relieved and you feel uplifted and have a radiant glow.

You don’t need to leave the comfort of your home or accommodation. Contact us today and a professional masseur will come to you anywhere on the French Riviera, even if you are staying at an Airbnb, hotel, yacht, or your permanent residence.

when is the best time to have a prenatal massage?

After the first trimester, prenatal massages are usually safer because they may trigger dizziness and increased nausea before then.
As an expectant mother, you should consult your doctor before getting one and notify our massage therapist that you are expecting.

Conditions such as diabetes, preeclampsia, high blood pressure, and other complications do not allow for a prenatal massage.

What precautions need to be taken with a prenatal massage?

Our prenatal massage therapists are specially trained to avoid certain pressure points and they also avoid massaging the tummy, which makes most moms uncomfortable.

During the second half of pregnancy, women should not lie on their backs during a massage so as not to reduce circulation to the placenta.

What does a prenatal massage entail?

Special accommodations are made for the changing shape of your body during the pregnancy and the table will allow you to lie face down safely.
Massages can also be done with you lying on your side and pillows are used for support.

Most of your body can withstand the pressure applied, but we avoid giving your legs a deep tissue massage during pregnancy because of the risk of dislodging any clots.

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