Therapeutic aromatherapy massage

Therapeutic aromatherapy massage wherever you are on the french riviera (60 minutes)

This is our ultimate therapeutic massage using Decléor’s luxurious Jasmine Aromatherapy Balm.
It melts away tension and relieves stress. Our aromatherapy massage is wonderfully soothing and calms both mind and body. 

Please note that the product used in this service contains macadamia nut seed oil, so this service is not suitable for people with nut allergies.
Contact us at AWA and a professional aesthetician will travel throughout the French Riviera.

What to expect from an aromatherapy massage?

During and after an aromatherapy massage you can expect to have all the benefits of a Swedish massage with the added benefits of jasmine and its luxurious essential oils. Jasmine oil has been used for centuries to transform
the skin, mind, and body. During your massage, not only will your skin absorb its benefits, but inhaling its aromas will have a relaxing effect on your mind.

What are the benefits of a massage awa wellness artists

The benefits of an arometherapy massage are very similar to those of other massages and included relaxation, stress relief, decreased muscle tension, pain management and a general feeling of elevation that improves mood.
Essential oils simply help to reinforce these effects.
Essential oils also help improve muscle tone, reduce inflammation and reduce scar tissue.
Postmenopausal woman and woman suffering from menstrual cramps benefit enormously, a massage that incorporates arometherapy.

Is an aromatherapy massage safe for everyone?

Usually, Aromatherapy massages are safe, but people who are sensitive to essential oils should avoid them.
Often, people with breathing problems and asthma also prefer that essential oils are not used. If you still want the benefits of the aromatherapy
but don’t want to risk having an allergic reaction, then you can ask your massage therapist to diffuse the essential oils in the room.
We use Decléor Jasmine Aromatherapy Balm which contains macadamia nut seed oil, so if you have an allergy to nuts you cannot have this massage.
Pregnant ladies should also avoid having an aromatherapy massage before consulting their doctor because some essential oils are known to cause foetal harm.

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Therapeutic aromatherapy massage